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  1. Do you know that children's lies are a sign of cognitive progress?

    Children’s Lies Are a Sign of Cognitive Progress. Research shows that kids’ ability to bend the truth is a developmental milestone, much like walking and talking.
  2. Why are there MORE girls diagnosed now with ADHD? Here's why:

    Attention deficit disorders are typically thought of as a “little-boy thing, but according to a study in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder shot...
  3. What happens to the brains of preschoolers who suffer from clinical depression?

    The researchers determined that having depression early in life was a key factor in gray matter development.
    The experience of early childhood depression is not only uncomfortable for the child...
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    The concentration of a gamer's brain

    Researchers have measured intriguing differences in the brain connectivity of individuals with the most modern of psychological conditions - Internet gaming disorder. Gamers are observed to be...
  5. Can we control our brains predetermined processes?

    How can the unconscious brain processes possibly know in advance what decision a person is going to make at a time when they are not yet sure themselves? Until now, the existence of such preparatory...
  6. Study shows that expressing gratitude changes the brain

    How and why? What can you say about this? Please share some of your learning.
  7. How do our brain wake us up from a sound sleep?

    How do our brain wake us up from a sound sleep? Are there certain objects that are highly credited for rousing even the sleepiest of heads?
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    Why do we dream?

    Why do we dream? What does it do to us?
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    How is human intelligence measured?

    How is human intelligence measured? Does the size of the brain matter?
  10. Absentee parents can affect children’s brain development

    A lack of direct contact with parents has a detrimental effect on children's brain development.

    What is your experience on this? Please share... Thanks!
  11. Impulsive choices should be blamed to parents?

    According to a report presented at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology annual meeting, delay discounting is strongly influenced by our genetic makeup. That is, it is a trait that can be...
  12. On Positive Attitude and Brain Connections

    Everything we do alters our brain not only on the molecular and cellular level, but also leads to the rewiring of brain and sometimes significant morphological changes inside the organ. When we...
  13. According to Science: Why do women and men see things differently?

    We all know that men and women see some things differently, both literally and figuratively speaking. A recent study sheds new light on the differences between the male and female brain. Men and...
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    Sex – Is It All In the Brain?

    What parts of the brain are involved in sexual experiences?
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    Brain Implant to Restore Memory

    Is this even possible??
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    Long-Term Memory Enhanced by Running

    Although running induces both substantial changes in number and morphology of young neurons as well as significant changes in learning behavior, this does not prove a causal relationship,” noted...
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    Are Big Brains Smarter?

    ​There is a commonly expressed view that mental abilities are linked to brain size in humans. Such a view is partially supported by gradual increase of brain size in the course of human evolution....
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    How to Keep Suicde Thoughts Away

    Does the new technology have something to do about this, how to shoo suicide thoughts and severe depression away?
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    The Search for Happiness

    Exercising, meditating, scouring self-help books... we go out of our way to be happy, but do we really know what happiness is?
    Wataru Sato and his team at Kyoto University have found an answer from...
  20. Is studying Neuroscience a matter of perspective?

    Please explain further ( its fundamentals, etc.)
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    Multiple Sclerosis: Is it treatable?

    I want to know more about this. How is it diagnosed? And how do we know that the doctor has not mistaken MS for any other health condition basing on its symptoms? Is it treatable?
  22. Is there a neural explanation why people get naked when making love?

    They say making love is a form of exchanging energies, a meeting of two souls. Is there a neural connection to explain why people get naked when making love? Is it neuroscience? or just Psychology?
  23. What's the Difference Between the Right Brain and Left Brain?

    What's the Difference Between the Right Brain and Left Brain? How are right brainers different from left brainers in terms of skills, IQ and talents?
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    Cerebral asymmetry is the functional...

    Cerebral asymmetry is the functional disequilibrium between the two brain hemispheres. Even if they are of almost identical size, the two hemispheres are not used in the same way and have different...
  25. The mind controls the feelings, therefore, feelings are all in the mind. True or not?

    Share your thoughts please...
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