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  1. Triggering "Neurological Development" in adulthood.

    I'd like to start this thread for anyone who wants to discuss neuroplasticity, and in particlular, attempts to trigger neurological development processes in adulthood.

    Feel free to discuss or...
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    I absolutely love this! I am so glad I found...

    I absolutely love this!

    I am so glad I found this forum!

    I would like to add that these kinds of phenomenon are not only fun, but are (in some cases) potentially therapeutic.

    Here is an...
  3. Thread: Hi everyone!

    by Jameson

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone I'm Jameson!

    My area of interest is neurological rewiring-- how behavior can, in some cases, affect physical neurology.

    I'm particularly interested in better understanding what the...
  4. Interface between Hardware and Software (Software that changes hardware).

    I'm particularly interested in research that examines how changes in thinking (or changes in mental states induced by things like mediTation) can alter the actual neurological pathways of the brain....
  5. I'm curious too.

    I'm curious too.
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    Context helps to define this as well. ...

    Context helps to define this as well.

    Asymmetry could also relate to having more asymmetry than normal.

    For example, everyone has hemispheric asymmetry, but new research is indicating that...
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