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Thread: Triggering "Neurological Development" in adulthood.

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    Default Triggering "Neurological Development" in adulthood.

    I'd like to start this thread for anyone who wants to discuss neuroplasticity, and in particlular, attempts to trigger neurological development processes in adulthood.

    Feel free to discuss or share sources here!

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    The brain nerve cells formed before birth are like wires to be connected, with each connection signifying neurological development. These connections occur each time a baby is held, touched, read to, or played with. An infant's interest in certain activities, sights, sounds and objects also determines how quickly neurological connections form. Once the primary neurological pathways are established, around age 8 months, a child is ready to develop the basis for language, intelligence, sociability and curiosity.

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    Allan Schore's newest book, "the art and science of psychotherapy", does a great job of introducing how certain strategies in psychotherapy, can lead to improvements in the regulation of high energy sympathetic and low energy parasympathetic mood states. This no doubt this is best described as a neurodevelopmental process. Brain changes with successful psychotherapy have been demonstrated in many different studies, Schore proposes an excellent developmental model to explain these changes.

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