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Thread: Intro to neurofeedback

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    Default Intro to neurofeedback

    Useful article for those just starting to look into neurofeedback:

    Neurofeedback for beginners
    Optimize your brain, optimize life!

    Check out the latest news on brain supplements and neuroscience!

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    Thanks to sharing your information. The research out there already proves that neurofeedback has the potential to become a very useful factor in the treatment of various disorders and even the improvement of the lives of mentally healthy people, functioning as a very potent brain supplements. This technique may thus become an important aspect in new non-pharmacological treatments and an interesting tool to enhance brain plasticity in a safe manner in the near future.

    Thanks in Advance
    Stephen Jones

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    Medical treatments have been around for so long and it's high time they get substituted by these kinds of treating methods.

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