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Thread: Language and Mind - Free Course from MIT

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    Default Language and Mind - Free Course from MIT

    Course Description

    This course is designed as a primer for students new to the field of linguistics and psychology. The development of human language as a child grows and the interplay with the mind during language production is contemplated. The course also considers how language changes during the aging process, and the reacquisition of language after a major trauma or operation. Additionally, we will explore cross-cultural language production and how it can be studied with modern scanning techniques in the human brain.
    The course will address some fundamental questions regarding human language:

    How language is represented in our minds
    How language is acquired by children
    How language is processed by adults
    The relationship between language and thought
    Exploring how language is represented and processed using brain imaging methods
    Computational modeling of human language acquisition and processing

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    Waoo sir that's awesome i must say that was really helping for me.

    GOD BLESS YOU.. and keep posting stuff.
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