the brain has easily been an undefinable aspect of science for as long as we have studied the enviornments of the world around us. Quite simply it could become the final scientific frontier. I have done some investigation on TMS, or Transcrainial Magnetic Stimulation. The use of magnetic waves produced by a wand-like apparatus to attempt the altering in different modes of the brain temporarily. It has been tested on patients for brain functions as simple as depression that continues to be a hassle even with constant medication. The theory here is that TMS use is still in it's youth, but with more studying and testing we could answer questions such as whether or not it could prove beneficial in treating autism, or PTSD, or stroke victims. Some controversy on the subject is that TMS could even have the eventual potential to help with memory loss, ADHD, and even be used to advance our understanding on secondary languages all through the use of magnetic waves induced on a subject's brain for repeated, consistant periods of time. However the concern is that TMS still has a lot of testing to undergo before any serious progress is made. I am still hungry for any information on the subject, if anyone has something to add it would be much appreciated in my studies. Im am hoping in the future this technique could prove more vital, once we have a greater understanding of the human brain's internal map so to speak, and how to use TMS to control or help contain the neuron disfuntions in those areas of the brain which our effected by such disorders.