All right. I haven't been able to do much research within this nor do I have the tools to really test so I am looking for anyone who could build on this or anyone's thoughts, even. I've been tinkering with a theory - finding anything on the web is highly littered with more apparent things rather than actual scientific exploration beyond pure psychology. I'm interested in some thoughts here! So, real basic and simple...

As we age, obviously, so does our taste in what we find attractive. There is some chemical or neural interaction within this all - it's not all cultural or environmental though that COULD be argued. There is some form of transition, at least for most. But what is that transition? There is probably research here but I just have not had the time to do a lot of playing on free time.

Perhaps, for a sexual deviant that finds children or young teens attractive, this transition has not taken place albeit biologically or some environmental factor conditioning or stunting this mental growth. Yet their sexual hormones still develop with their age leaving a sexually charged creature that is encompassed with desire much the same affect of how we are encompassed with suitors that are healthy and socially acceptable. And also, how many other conditions can be correlated with this behavior - there could be doors to open here, also.

Historically, this behavior isn't new and there are points in time it was acceptable. In certain cultures, it is still acceptable. So, we could argue also that is relatively more normal and simply not culturally acceptable. Even that the cultural pressure drives it to more of a perversion. I try not to be bias in learning. Science is not about having a personal vendetta - the wonderful thing about the field of Neuroscience is that we can take an approach to these issues and possibly come up with solutions rather than treating symptoms with no real guarantee.

I realize not a lot of people post on this site as I rarely see much but any thoughts within science and not emotionally charged ethical opinions would be interesting to hear!