Dear All,

For those working in the field of behavioral Neuroscience, I would like to introduce you to LABORAS.

Laboras is an innovative measurement systems that can be of great help to score the behaviors of your rats and mice fully automatically (without human observation). Laboras is completely non-invasive and the animal is a real home cage environment during the data collection.
Laboras has a number of important benefits over traditional observation or video technologies:
- the researcher doesn't have to be present in the laboratory (reducing stress and unwanted effects on the animal)
- Laboras doesn't require light because it is not based on video but force/movement analysis (this enables undisturbed measurement of the active period of rats and mice)
- Laboras is able to measure and automatically recognize behaviors that are very short, fast or difficult to observe (examples are head twitches, chewing, WDS, tremors, grooing, scratches etc.)
- Laboras can recognize more than 16 normal and stereotypical behaviors which are not possible with other technologies
- Laboras can score most of the behaviors more accurately, more consistent and over a longer period than a human observer
- Laboras is a validated system that is in use in most large pharmaceutical companies and is referred in more than 50 scientific publications.

For more information and video's of the system, please refer to the website of Metris b.v. Metris B.V. - Animal Behavior Analysis Solutions

Kind regards,
Ronald Bulthuis