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    Hi, I have completed MS in Bio medical Engineering and B.E in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in India. I must confess that though I have studied so much, i lack the practical knowledge in both fields and have not proved to be a top class engineer.
    I took up B.E in EEE not because of genuine interest but because I scored well in the state entrance exam and received this allotment. As for Biomedical, well here's the story. I developed an interest towards Biology and health care after grade 10 and once i completed B.E. I chose to pursue something in the same line. However, I took up this course in a "not so great" university that was at its infant stages in this field. Hence, I did not receive any substantial research experience. On the other hand,the only subject that interested me a lot was Neural Engineering. I developed passion for this subject since I loved learning about it and to add to that, I have had this desire to help special children since the age of 7. Also, my grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's giving me all the reasons to be inquisitive. Now that I am done with my Masters, I am not sure what next. I was thinking of taking up a PhD program in Neuroscience. However, I lack any sort of practical exposure or laboratory experience to this field and the only knowledge I received is mainly about the anatomy physiology of the nervous system and a few neuronal implants. I need advice as to how I can proceed further to develop this interest. Should i take up a PhD program or is there any alternate course that is suitable for me? Please help

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    If you're interested in neural engineering and things like brain computer interfaces, I would recommend doing a PhD program. It's hard to get too far into the field without having a doctorate degree, seeing as how the field is so young at the moment. You'll probably want to apply to various biomedical engineering programs and see whether you like any of the professors doing research at any of them. There's some great people doing work at Stanford (Shenoy), Pittsburg (Schwartz), Brown (Donoghue), Duke (Nicholelis), etc that you might want to explore.

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