Hi all.

I am trying to find a neurofeedback forum that is oriented toward the actual practice (read, "nuts & bolts") of neurofeedback. The two neurofeedback forums which I have already been associated with are good, in their own ways, but not exactly what I am looking for. One of them, the openEEG site, is truly excellent, but oriented toward the more "hardware" side of neurofeedback, and seems to be inhabited by people, such as EE grad students, who are mainly interested in the electrical engineering aspects of neurofeedback for their coursework and/or theses. Most of the talk in this forum relates to either engineers or programmers. There is little in this forum for the person who is interested in actually doing/applying neurofeedback, in the sense of using it to doing EEG assessment of the brain, then the subsequent application of neurofeedback therapy. It is this latter aspect that I am now seeking.

The other forum, although it seems to be exactly what I am looking for, seems to be oriented around a particular commercial EEG product and its associated software, and strikes me as being more of a money-making platform for the originator of the forum, as knowledgeable as he seems to be. This forum is large and, judging from the number of members and the volume of traffic, seems to be popular. However, upon registering and posting my first question to this second forum, I was welcomed, then immediately offered "services" that totaled almost $700.

I have assembled my own EEG, as well as the requisite electrodes, which all work fine. In addition, I have spent the last two years studying almost every popular book available on the subject of neurofeedback. And, of course, I have attached myself to the EEG and practiced taking readings from the various 10-20 sites, as well as recording them and exporting them to an Excel spreadsheet designed for such an EEG assessment.

In short, I am "set to go," but now would like to join up with an active forum that is populated with likeminded people who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with a rookie, such as myself. Reading and studying books is great, of course, but cannot substitute for the experience and support of those who have actually been involved with the performance of neurofeedback assessment and therapeutic applications.

I have come to this forum with these thoughts in mind, but, after looking at how few posts there have been in the area of neurofeedback, I am not sure that there is much traffic.

Any help or advice in steering me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

--Ray Cole