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Thread: Left/Right Brain Confusion

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    Default Left/Right Brain Confusion

    I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu. For those of you not familiar, picture collegiate wrestling or judo and it's similar enough to that.

    I have a friend who has recently taken to using this concept of "left/right brain confusion" when teaching. He uses it to mean something almost like misdirection--threatening an attack on one side of their body and then attacking the other side. His claim is that this causes a delayed response in the person, from my understanding of what he's saying, because their signaling in the corpus callosum gets confused or because they have to "shift" from thinking with their left lobe to with their right lobe (or vice-versa)--all this playing on the left brain controls right side of body/right brain controls left side of body idea.

    It's been quite a while since I've heard about left/right brain confusion, but from what I think I remember, this sounds like a misunderstanding of the way I'd heard it. Even if that weren't the case I have a hard time believing that a person would be able to move fast enough that the opponent's neurons wouldn't be able to switch fast enough that it would be functionally imperceptible.

    A quick google search hasn't turned up anything and I figured a forum like this might actually give me more interesting responses anyway so I pose the question to those of you who might know better. Is there any scientific backing to his claim? Where can I find some good science on left/right brain confusion?

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    Do you still seek assistance on this Steve? PM me if you do and I can help.


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