We have seen the most wonderful turn in the focus of neuropsychology in the past few years, with brilliant researchers such as Panksepp, Schore, Damasio, and Solms (just to name a few), who have brought the conversation back to the realm of emotional affect and the neurological underpinnings of all emotions. The absurd agnostic attitude of the behaviorists towards using animals to study the homologous subcordical primary process emotional systems has cost us so much time and led the field of psychology so far astray, it seems almost miraculous that we are finally reintroducing emotions into the equation. Without a foundational understanding of the primary process (genetically provided) emotional circuits that provide all energy for secondary and tertiary cognition, psychology is just a bunch of wishful thinking and educated guesses. Now we can really start doing some important work, but this time from the bottom up!