I am a PhD student from the Computer Science department at Brown. We have developed a web-based prototype that allows you to explore existing data and literature on brain connectivity. Currently we only have one dataset based on the rat neuron projection data from BAMS (BAMS Main Page) and basic functionality (and perhaps some small bugs), but the tool is still under active development, which means that many new features might be added and also means that your feedback might have significant influence on what the tool will look like eventually!
The tool is publicly available at About the Project | Brain Circuits Explorer. You don't need to register to be able to use the basic functionality, but some more advanced features under development, including custom dataset and notes management, will only be available to registered users. Also, registration will allow us to send you notifications about major updates.

We are looking forward to more comments, suggestions and feature requests to help drive the development of the tool. You are more than welcomed to leave comments on the site, and also feel free to send me messages at hua_guo at brown.edu.

We are also circulating a survey to collect information about current practice in brain connectivity analysis, which contains 9 questions and should take less than 10 minutes of your time to complete. The survey is available at: Brain connectivity analysis Survey. The survey responses will be used to inform the design of the tool and will never be made public.