As part of a scientific investigation into the design and covert usage of radio-based neural interfaces, a spin-off series of articles has been created that examines the structure of the brain in the context of computation and communications theory.

The series is revealing that processing, data transfer, storage and logical constructs are not present in the biological structure of the brain. Further, the second article begins to decompose the structure of the neuron itself and reveals that it is nothing more than an electromechanical switch. The second articles examines the function of the action potential and reveals it role and how that relates to thermodynamics.

These articles are concise and require the reader to have a solid familiarity with physics, computational science and logical analysis of complex systems. If you are able to follow the work, it is a real eye-opener.

Neural Research - A Modern View - Part 1 - Deep_Thought's column on Newsvine

Neural Research - A Modern View - Part 2 - Deep_Thought's column on Newsvine