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Thread: Hi! I'm planning on majoring in Neuroscience, but I need some help...

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    Default Hi! I'm planning on majoring in Neuroscience, but I need some help...

    Hi, my name is Madison, but delfiend is just fine. I'm currently a junior in high school. Today, we went to all of our classes after receiving a scheduling sheet and had our teachers recommend what courses they think we are capable of taking Senior year. My physics teacher (as I am in AP Physics B) thought that I should take AP Physics C, because I'm one of his better-preforming students in the B class currently. I told him I was between AP Chem and AP Bio, as they are more related to what I want to go in to major in: Neuroscience. However, he insisted that in the medical world today, more and more people are looking for those who have a lot of background in physics. He went on to say that AP Bio was a lot about plants, and that another science I could take along with whichever AP I choose would be PSEO Anatomy.

    As good of a point that my teacher has, I still don't see AP Physics C being the right choice as my main science. For one, I don't want to go medical with my Neuroscience career, but instead I want to do a lot of research and development type stuff, and even some classroom teaching of Neuroscience if push comes to shove. Personally, I want to hold off on taking a college Chemistry class because the person who teaches the class at my high school doesn't really know what she's teaching. I know chemistry is really important to Neuroscience, and that's why I want to make sure the teacher/professor I have knows what they're talking about.

    The other science classes I'm planning on taking include the PSEO Anatomy and Biotechnology DNA, along with either AP Bio or AP Physics C. (plus AP Calculus BC)

    What would you all recommend I take? It is my senior year we're taking about, so if I'm going to stuff it full of classes like I'm planning on doing, I want them to all have significance to what I eventually what to have as my degree and career; no useless classes like the mandatory Economics, please!!!

    Also, what undergraduate school would you recommend I look into for Neuroscience? I have my eye on a few graduate schools, but of course I can't get to that point without picking and attending and undergraduate school, and I would like it to be helpful and meaningful in my career path.

    Thanks for the help!!!

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    I did not like Economics courses either.

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    Umm... highschool had no effect on my college course work. The placement test did at least with math, English(Reading and Writing). I don't think many programs allow you to test out of Chem and Bio or Physics. It may depend on your College though.

    I took AP and PESO classes, but it only counted as credits, elective credits. It did not count towards my major science wise. Which was disappointing at first, but I realized that each program has a specific goal for its students, so usually will want you classes at their school either way.

    Don't take AP economics you won't need it for your major as a Neuroscientists in College. Just take regular Economics, funny part is I took AP Economics just like you, take AP Calculus it will allow you to test out of Calculus in College.

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