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Thread: Mind reading ,thought recognition brain imaging techniques and privacy ?

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    Default Mind reading ,thought recognition brain imaging techniques and privacy ?

    My sister read a publication about mind reading via EcoG or intracranial
    electrodes inserting and decoding patterns conecting results from brain
    imaging with all day video tapes of activities of participant via BCI.So she
    is now verry concerned about the disotopian future or even now days where
    her most inside thoughts and emotions are on the screen of some evil
    genious.So she is personally afraid that she will become or even can already
    be a victim of this scenario.So my concrete question to you is :Could you be
    implanted covertly with carbon nanotube electrodes or some other kind of
    neuroimaging technique for instance like EcoG electrodes invasivly inside
    your brain for mapping your brain activity again covertly and wiressly
    untill you live ordinary life and postfactum translating recorded patterns
    via BCI,connecting the neuroimaging results from covert scaning with video
    tapes of your daily actions and all that leading to real mind reading that
    has a power to reveal your deepest thoughts. And all this stuff without your
    permission and knowledge, covertly done by some agency or powrfull evil
    institution or genius?

    I expect that the answer would be probably NO, but I need scientific
    explanation of the physical and technical problems,limitations and
    constraints of current most advanced tehnologies wich prevent our brains
    from this undesirable scenario and remain our thought privacy unsoiled ?
    I will be verry verry glade to you if you help me.She is verry inteligent
    and when I told her that for this procedure there is a need of brain surgery
    she found a way to prove me that it could be done and after it the traces
    and symptoms of this kind of surgery to be erased.
    So I need really deep and scientific explanation of problem.Not some logical
    and simple conclusion.
    Excuse me for my bad english.
    Thank you in advantage and best wishes

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    They would need to know where to tap in, to get the data they need, and then how to interpret it from signals into thoughts and the meanings behind those thoughts.

    It would have to be an embedded device which would transmit via wifi the data gathered, probably in bursts. The signal strength would need to be low in order to not cause noticeable damage to the target.

    Such devices would have to be rather large, so a portion of the brain would have to be removed to make space. The area devoted to listening to one's spouse would not be large enough, so they may have to remove the areas of the brain devoted to sports.

    Healing time would be significant after the procedure. They would have to come up with a fake accident as the excuse.

    I hope this helps.

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