Hi my name is Andres, I'm a neuroscience major. I just switched majors from pre-engineering to Neuroscience. I'm aspiring to one day work in a professional lab, doing research on Alzheimer's, Neurogenesis, CET, Human Consciousness, Role of Microtubules and Tau protein in neurological circuits, MS, Neural inflammation, Sarcoma, and Cancer. Either one of these areas of research would be great. I love my field of study, but I also like talking science, politics, sports, ect.

The reason I got into the field of Neuroscience and instead of Engineering, is because Human Consciousness has always fascinated me and I'm motivated to help those who have neurological disorders (which I believe are the most debilitating of all other disorders).

I might continue a double major in biomedical engineering, to maybe get into neural engineering at some point.