Hey everybody. I just wanted to get involved in a community to aid in learning about the brain. Hopefully when I become knowledgable enough, I can answer questions and join in more in discussions.

I'm currently a 20 year old guy who is about to start taking general courses at a community college, and will hopefully transfer to another school and get a bachelors in biology.

I've always been fascinated by mental illness. From the person in the seemingly unescapable black pit of depression, to the man tearing holes in his bugged walls trying to uncover the plot that a secret organization has against him, to my twin brothers diagnosed with autism, who did not speak until a late stage and although are much more "neurotypical" nowadays, still exhibit mannerisms of the disorder.

Thus, starting about 4 months ago, I've been studying the more technical details of the brain.

I also like cats, coffee, metal music, going for walks at 2 am in the morning, and hamburgers.