I have a relative with a very bizarre set of symptoms. After seeing multiple neurologists, I thought it would be wise to seek the opinions of those of you on the research set of things. I'll just jump right into the symptoms...

Difficulty saying words
Difficulty remembering names
Difficulty concentrating
Sudden and vivid memories with no real significance
False assosciation between memories
Smelling things that aren't there
Urge to repeat sentences
Sudden and unexplained emotions (crying very hard then laughing hysterically all in under a minute in response to no stimuli)
"Vibrating" sensation in skull and spine
Extreme pain in trigeminal nerve
Numbness in extremities
Paranoia during an "episode"
Periods of inactivity (will suddenly stop moving or speaking, like an absence seizure)
Urge to rub hands

EEG, MRA, MRI, CT scan all came back with no abnormalities. Symptoms presented gradually after a fall.

Any ideas?