Hello everyone!

I'm 24 and I've just decided to dive into neuroscience. I have a management degree and currently work in business, but I feel such a drive for the study of the brain that I believe this might be the kind of hobby that eventually grows into a second career. (Or it might not, but at least someday I'll be able to help my kids with chemistry and biology =D)

The subject has fascinated me for a while, but I have not done any research or read books on it before. The sole fact that the brain is the most complex object in the universe creates immense motivation in me to study it. Another important reason is that having a deep understanding of the way human brains function will be very useful in the world full of humans =)

I am currently looking for my first set of books and articles on this topic, and I would highly appreciate your recommendations for tried-and-true sources. To start with, I have outlined 5 various topics that really interest me, and which, I'm sure, have already been studied a lot. Can you guys recommend something to read on the following?

- The phenomenon of "prophetic dreams"
- Sustainable (e.g. not pills) ways to improve brain performance
- The effect of different foods/drinks on the human brain.
- The nature of feeling guilt
- Differences between ethnicities/cultures - are they different only through learned habits, or maybe there are slight structural differences?

Just throw in anything you know that touches upon these topics - books, articles, movies, etc. Thanks in advance!