Hi All. New to the forum.

32 year old male diagnosed schizoaffective at age 21

I have finally realized the true nature of what i suffer from and it is ravaging my ability to live and thrive.

My question:

What is the currency of comprehension within the human brain?

What is the bare bones "exchange" that creates "understanding"?

In my more lucid moments i can see what is happening and see a massive loss of contact with most of memory.

I literally feel like i am in a hell of sorts because my brain cannot interpet the signals it is receiveing from reality and overlays the earliest matrices it had programmed in...which were unfortunately religious in my case.

Is there any way to reverse the disease of comprehension loss and memory impairment?

There is a massive awareness here, yet the connection to reality is unable to be cognized for the most part. And it ia killing me.

Any reply, assiatance is appreciated.

Btw. Noopet (gvs-111), aripiprazole, and antidepressants slow but do not truly help the problem.