The mind could be defined as our operating system (OS). I'm starting with the assumption that our OS is biological and suggest that mirror neurons fire when their content is matched by incoming sensations. That triggers linked neurons. "Wired together; fired together." This, I assume, happens unconsciously in the brain. It is, I believe because it looks like the only reasonable conclusion, in the sense organs that incoming and remembered sensations are consciously compared (after Epicurus, Kant and Baine). Eyes recognise what has been seen before and is equipped to compare them photo over negative. It also seems reasonable to believe that recognition and action or behaviour (sorry Canadian spelling) are controlled by neurons linked as a homeostatic unit using emotion as the feedback control mechanism.
Learning then could be defined as programming and connecting recognition neurons connected to sense organs with action neurons connected to muscles.
If it interests you the whole theory can be read at I'd be interested in any feedback. Thank you. Dave