Hello everyone,

I am an undergraduate student learning the ropes when it comes to quantitatively analyzing neural activity. I am currently involved with a lab that has asked me to create an autocorrelogram of spike times using the single unit clusters that I have already sorted. I have researched this problem quite a bit already, and am trying to simply confirm that the code that I have prepared to create an autocorrelogram is 100% correct. Here is a link to another post I have made, http://dsp.stackexchange.com/questio...72#26572,which contains my code in one of the answers. If anyone on here has some experience in this realm, I would greatly appreciate you looking at my code to verify that it is correct.I am hoping to find someone on here who has experience in this realm, and can verify for me that I've done things correctly.

My post starts with the following text (ctrl + f to find quickly): "For those with a similar issue, here is the code that I have to create an "autocorrelation histogram" using a data vector that contains the time-stamps of all spikes."

Thanks in advance!