Hi quick question.

The ophthalmic branch of the Trigeminal Nerve supplies sensory information to the cornea, ciliary body, and iris; to the lacrimal gland and conjunctiva of the eyeball.

It is sensory to pain and temperature but i have a question.

Can you use this nerve to stimulate the eyeball with electrical impulses in the visual spectrum the same as electrical contact lenses work? The contact lenses have been tested on Blind people so far with results using cameras but they have no FDA approval to use it on people who have 20/20 vision to be used as an alternative to the Google Glasses.

Instead of using a contact lens to create a google glasses type product, can a small electrode be placed on the ophthalmic nerve to stimulate the cornea, ciliary body, iris, and conjunctiva of the eyeball in the visual spectrum to allow the host to see images or video that is transmitted to the implant. Much the same as the contact lens only we are stimulating the cornea, ciliary body, iris, and conjunctiva with the signal instead of the Conjunctiva on its own.