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Thread: Brain Structure and its Origins

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    Default Brain Structure and its Origins

    This course covers major CNS structures with emphasis on systems being used as models for experimental studies of development and plasticity. Topics include basic patterns of connections in CNS, embryogenesis, PNS anatomy and development, process outgrowth and synaptogenesis, growth factors and cell survival, spinal and hindbrain anatomy, and development of regional specificity with an introduction to comparative anatomy and CNS evolution. A review of lab techniques (anatomy, tissue culture) is also covered as well as the trigeminal system, retinotectal system development, plasticity, regeneration, neocortex anatomy and development, the olfactory system, corpus striatum, brain transplants, the limbic system and hippocampal anatomy and plasticity.

    MIT OpenCourseWare | Brain and Cognitive Sciences | 9.14 Brain Structure and its Origins, Spring 2005 | Download this Course

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    Hey Everybody

    Thank you for your valuable tips for brain development, Outline of mammalian functional neuronal, aided by studies of comparative neuronal and evolution, and of brain development. Topics include early steps to a central nervous system, basic patterns of brain and spinal cord connections, regional development and differentiation, regeneration, motor and sensory pathways and structures, systems underlying motivations, innate action patterns, formation of habits, and various cognitive functions. Lab techniques reviewed. Optional brain dissections.

    Nice to meet you
    Stephen Jones

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    This is a very interesting question for me,

    The brain wave,
    is there a source and if so is that source of the wave, the brain it's self, and if not is the wave being imported or exported from the or to the brain ?

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