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    The course includes survey and special topics designed for graduate students in the brain and cognitive sciences. It emphasizes ethological studies of natural behavior patterns and their analysis in laboratory work, with contributions from field biology (mammology, primatology), sociobiology, and comparative psychology. It stresses mammalian behavior but also includes major contributions from studies of other vertebrates and of invertebrates. It covers some applications of animal-behavior knowledge to neuropsychology and behavioral pharmacology.

    MIT OpenCourseWare | Brain and Cognitive Sciences | 9.201 Advanced Animal Behavior, Spring 2000 | Download this Course

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    Human and animal behaviour are sometimes similar just because both species evolved, carrying the same trait through generations for the same reason. So you can use animal behaviour to stimulate ideas about why humans evolved the same way.

    But sometimes genetics are irrelevant because of the technology and knowledge in the world that makes us behave in 'unnatural' ways. Maybe the more technologically advanced we become, the less evolution/animal behaviour can be applied to our own behaviour.

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