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    This course deals with the specific functions of neurons, the interactions of neurons in development, and the organization of neuronal ensembles to produce behavior. Topics covered include the analysis of mutations, and molecular analysis of the genes required for nervous system function. In particular, this course focuses on research work done with nematodes, fruit flies, mice, and humans.

    MIT OpenCourseWare | Brain and Cognitive Sciences | 9.322J Genetic Neurobiology, Fall 2005 | Download this Course

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    The Division of Neurobiology has the ultimate goal of understanding the neurobiology of psychiatric diseases and translating that understanding into effective clinical treatments. It currently comprises basic science labs of six faculty members, as well as clinical research and services in Huntington’s disease. The Division has close associations with clinical and genetic research programs in schizophrenia and with imaging research programs directed at a variety of diseases.

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