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    This comprehensive course on the visual system is designed to ground future researchers in the field of visual science and to provide scientists with an excellent basis for using the visual system as a model in research. In this graduate seminar, anatomical, neurophysiological, imaging and behavioral research is examined in an attempt to gain a better understanding of how information is processed in the primate visual system.

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    How we see is best understood by comparison with a camera. The camera uses a shutter with a small, central opening to admit light. If the object is bright, the shutter closes the opening; if dim, the shutter enlarges the opening to collect more light. The camera lens focuses the light, bringing it to a sharp image, on photographic film. Because this film is at a fixed distance behind the lens and because viewed objects lie at various distances, different-shaped lenses are needed to bend light rays to a focus. For close objects, a more "bulging," or convex ("zoom"), lens is needed for greater bending. A thinner lens, producing less bending, is needed for more distant objects. Film images "develop" because the focused light patterns react chemically with light-sensitive "receptors" on the film. A camera case encloses and protects the shutter, lens, and film.

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