Overview & Objectives

The Undergraduate Neurosciences Program has three primary objectives:

  1. To provide students with a structure for coursework that assures a solid grounding in natural science and a broad familiarity with the field of neuroscience, while completing the requirements for a B.A. or B.S. degree. This course of study is compatible with different majors (usually Biology or Psychology) and a liberal arts education.
  2. To sponsor events that communicate current neuroscience research and activity on campus, as well as provide students with information on research careers. These events include special lectures, research "mini-symposia," and workshops on graduate school and career options.
  3. To promote active participation by undergraduates in neuroscience research laboratories across campus by assisting students in finding independent study and work positions in neurosciences laboratories. Recently, in recognition of the central importance of this last objective and of the high quality of student research opportunities in neurobiology at Duke, the Undergraduate Neurosciences Program received a grant from the National Science Foundation in support of its program to support undergraduates participating in neuroscience research in Duke laboratories during the summer.

Courses of Study

There are three avenues for academic participation in the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program. These different avenues reflect the diverse nature of the field and the commitment of the Program to provide maximum flexibility for students pursuing studies in the neurosciences. Most students complete a Neuroscience Concentration as either a Biology or a Psychology major. Each of these departments sponsors a coursework track that is integrated within the major and coordinated with the UNP. Some students, however, major in other fields such as Chemistry, Mathematics, or even Philosophy but still wish to emphasize neuroscience in their undergraduate careers. The Course Sequence Option leading to a Neuroscience Certificate is designed to support the interests of these students.

Program Information