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Thread: cerebral asymmetry?

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    Question cerebral asymmetry?

    Hi can any one explain what this means?


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    Brain asymmetry or cerebral asymmetry refers to anatomical, physiological or behavioral differences between the two cerebral hemispheres. The hemisphere that is larger, more active, or superior in performance is dominant.

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    For a while I thought it has something to do with another problem associated with brain but I guess it seems to be a blessing in disguise. A person having half superior mind. Great!

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    Context helps to define this as well.

    Asymmetry could also relate to having more asymmetry than normal.

    For example, everyone has hemispheric asymmetry, but new research is indicating that people with ADD have greater relative asymmetry than normal.

    **By the way I see that my name (Jameson) looks very similar to the person who posted a little above me here (James).

    Just making it clear that we are two different people.

    Also, thanks to James for sharing those sources!


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    Hi there,

    Cerebral asymmetry are commonly assumed to be uniquely human and even defining characteristics of our species. This is increasingly refuted by the evidence of behavioral asymmetries in non-human species.


    Stephen Jones

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    Cerebral asymmetry is the functional disequilibrium between the two brain hemispheres. Even if they are of almost identical size, the two hemispheres are not used in the same way and have different functions. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, distinguishes writing and words, and is the center of verbal memory, writing, and arithmetic. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, decodes facial expressions and emotions, helps verbalize emotions, manages the sense of touch, evaluates distances and memorizes all that is not verbal.

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